Senin, 15 November 2010

About Me

Howdy ! My name is intan anisa, i'm fifteen child living in jakarta. listening to old records and blogging about life. welcome to my little corner of the internet.

who takes ur pictures ? well, my mum, my webcam or i can do myself.

how tall r u ? i am 168 cm.

how heavy r u ? it's about 48 kg

how old r u ? i am 15.

what program do you use to edit your photos? i use photoscape.

do you ever get nervous sharing so much about your personal life on the internet? yes, i do.

how long have you been blogging? a little over four years

what grade r u ? i am 10 grades

your life looks too perfect. are you really that happy? to be honest, life is pretty good. i really can't complain too much. i bicker sometimes and we do have bad days just like every one else but other than that... life is pretty good. so yes, i am really that happy.

why have you not responded to my email? sometimes i replied but u better ask me on formspring

do u ever sleep ? i try, usually some time between the hours of midnight. . i could probably use a nap right now.

who created your blog design? i did using typepad's theme builder and design tools.

what is your favorite shop? anything in gading mall :D

if you'd like to see an answer to your question, please email it to or ask me on formspring