Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011


i've been really busy, since i've study really hard lately for 10 years. everyday's always busy. at home i've study after i get back home from school. do homework, help mom. fiuh busy busy busy
and look i wanna cried but i'm so happy too when i read this
OMG!! can u believe this ?! i swear i'll watch her. and from now i'll saving my money Rp 10.000/day wohooo
and now what i wore on my tooth ? this !
haha yup a blue braces! :D eh but isn't permanent hoho. so what do u think ? just mention me if u want to comment :) click here.
oh ya guess what now i use blackberry jiahaha i can upload pics from my handphone. hoho. invite me 3089914D hoho. so thanks papa and mama. i love u haha. so i always update my twit now. hoho.
when i googling i found this site
and they pics its so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee
like this

cute, huh ? i use them for my wallpaper hehe.
and this my design from my looklet

and then i'm with wulan

errr wulan ur style is so funk or junk haha. u know what allah gave her big loud laugh ckck. in the class she's always laugh i'm happy got friend like her in my SHS
and my ekskul is marching band haha i'm a line guard=flag.
oke i think enough my part life its not changing at all.

#novemberwish: i want to be in my life is so far so good just that.