Rabu, 22 Juni 2011


yep this saturday my school held a graduation day.
hehe can't wait for this saturday :D

hmm i just made my kebaya. hoho.
the color ? hmmm wait for saturday okok.
and i bought a shoes too. heels hahaha.
ahhhh! can't wait can't wait

oh ya i wanna review about last friday night (T.G.I.F) katy perry
fisrt on that video katy perry be a geeky girl. with a big behel, a big minus glasses. hoa! awesome! haha. the song's great too.

she's shocked when she looked her room. party party

makeover makeover!

katy's being a beautiful girl

do u know ? on this video katy snoop to look what in the his pants. wk wk wk.
ya ya i'm so lazy to posting now.

oh ya if u wanna kuroshitsuji chapter 58 just click on here!

Minggu, 19 Juni 2011


ya pas gue lg liat friend di fb gue. ad kea gni yaudah gue copy paste aj hehe. cekidot!

1. apa inisial nama lengkap kamu ?


2. buku apa yang kamu suka?

Novel raditya dika, kuroshitsuji comic

3. musik favorit kamu tuh jenis apa?

Pop, RnB

4. benda-benda yg kamu bawa saat pergi?

Hp, cermin, parfum, uang secukupnya

5. angka yg kamu suka?


6. hal yg buat kamu jengkel?

Deket orang bawel

7. warna yg kamu benci?


8. apa warna rambut kamu?


9. adakah seseorang yg paling istimewa buat kamu?


11. SIAPA?

Ehm ciel phantomhive sma ageng haha

12. zodiak kamu apa?

Taurus. Susah di urus hhe

13. tempat yg kamu suka tuh dimana?

Pantai, took buku, kamar mandi hahah

14. berapa cm tinggi kamu?

165 cm

15. kata yang sering kamu katain?

Oh my

16. apa yg kamu lakukan saat sedang bosan?

Baca komik black butler donk atau gk tidur :D

17. jam berapa kamu tidur malam?

Jam 11 an

18. kalo udah gede kamu pengen jadi apa?


19. hal yg sering kamu khayalin?


20. tokoh anime kesukaanmu?

Sebastian michaelis, ciel phantomhive, shizuka minamoto

21. bagian yg kamu suka pada tubuh kamu apa?

Alis, kaki, rambut

22. kamu tipe orang kayak gimana menurut teman-teman kamu?

Baik banget hahha

Boong dh gatau

23. kamu tidur sama siapa?

Ber5 sma bantal guling, bantal, bedcover, boneka.

24. banyakan makan, minum, apa jajan?


25. paling nggak suka disuruh ngapain? siapa yg nyuruh?

Nyuci piring. Mama. hoho

26. pernah ciuman?

Ehm gk.

27. hal yg ingin kamu wujudkan untuk orang yg paling kamu sayang?

Blom tau dh

28. paling ilfil liat orang ngapain?


29. siapa musisi yg kamu kagumi?

Katy perry, lady gaga, rain

30. musim favorit kamu musim apa?

Musim yang gk panas yang gk dingin juga.

31. kamu benci dengan siapa?

Ehm gk ad seperti.a

32. bedcover kamu gambarnya apa?

Ada yang bunga”, bulan, teddy bear.

33. lagu yg selalu kamu dengarkan di HP kamu apa aja?

Ehm thinking of you.a katy perry

34. baju yg kamu suka pakai pas keluar rumah?

Dress pendek

35. tulis lyrics lagu yg mirip kisah hidup kamu!

Apa ya? Gatau dh

36. kamu lagi pingin apa sekarang?

Ke mcd duren sawit :D

37. kalo udah disana mau ngapain?

Makan kiwi sundae

38. biasanya sebelum tidur ngapain?

Nge charge hp

39. sampul buku tulis sekolah apa?

Ehm pake sampul plastik bening

40. punya tumblr?


41. namanya?

Gatau lupa. Cek aj di FB

42. punya twitter?


43. namanya?

itsintananisa. Follow ya hhe

44. blog punya?

Punya donk!

url.a listenintan.blogspot.com




Tmen smp.


Ngomongin kebaya. hahah


Banyak ah. Gausa ditulis


Ad dh


Ad dh


Ad dh


Ad dh


Ehm ap ya ? mungkin paling males ngrumpi sama cewe” lain

54. capek?

Sdikit sh

55. yaudah segitu aja


Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

love black butler!

The Plot: After his parents’ death, Ciel Phantomhive is out for revenge. He signs a contract with a demon butler known as Sebastian Michaelis, in order to seek out those who caused the Phantomhive Tragedy, and to also fulfill the deeds given to him by Queen Victoria. Throughout the anime they face numerous problems such as kidnapping, death, and conspiracy. In the end, is Ciel still able to finish out his wish for revenge?

Ciel Phantomhive: The protagonist of the show, he also holds a contract with Sebastian. Ciel is a very quiet, and sad kid, if you ask me. He almost never smiles, and when he does, its normally a mischievous one. But, I have to admit, I expected him to be very whiny. In some parts it does appear that he is, but I don’t think that is so. Poor Ciel lost his parents, you have to give him some credit. Plus, he has to run a whole company, at twelve! At twelve, I was still trying to figure out how to do algebra. I can honestly say as well, Ciel is one of my favorite anime characters. I mean the way he takes control of situations, and can put up with so much after such a tragedy is just phenomenal.

The Little Robin: She’s not really a character, she’s actually just Ciel in disguise, but I felt like putting her in here. During an episode where Ciel and Sebastian go after a killer who has been murdering young women, Ciel must dress up as one to lure in the killer. I have to admit, he REALLY pulled it off too. And if I ever get the chance, I am so stealing that dress.

Sebastian Michaelis: Ciel’s demon butler, that has a cute fancy for kitties. He’s probably one of my favorite male anime characters too. I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with a demon butler that fights with kitchen utensils, and becomes a softy whenever a kitten walks by? I kind of put off watching Kuroshitsuji because I thought the idea might turn out to be very silly, but I was proved wrong by Sebastian. He’s the best thing about the show!

Maylene, Bard, and Finny: The maid, chef, and gardener for the Phantomhive household. They truly add tons of humor to the show, making you laugh until your sides hurt. (Example: The camera episode.) Maylene was once a sniper before coming to the household, and when entering she was given a pair of glasses. She continuously wears these glasses throughout the anime, even when broken, because they are the first thing Ciel bought for her. She is extremely clumsy, but quite a joy to watch. Bard was once an English soldier, until his entire team was wiped out and he was left the only survivor. The food he prepares is usually inedible, and consists of mostly charcoal, but it is still very funny to see him go crazy over the food he makes. Finny, before coming to the household, was held in a lab and experimented on. Due to many injections, he was given super-human strength. He was saved by Sebastian, and offered a hearty salary to come work for Ciel. But, Finny refused the money, and said he only wished to be outside, due to being locked up for so long, which led to him becoming the gardener. He often destroys most of the trees and grass, but he is still my favorite side character ever.

Elizabeth Middleford: Ciel’s fiance, and a great fan of all things cute and girly. At first I dreaded seeing her in the anime, especially during the party episode, when she put a frilly pink hat on Sebastian and broke Ciel’s ring. But, later on you realize she only does the things she does for Ciel because she only wishes to see him smile like he did before his parents were killed. After the doll episode, I actually began to like her for her sweetness. And you have to admit, her hair is adorable in that picture.

Lau and Ran-Mao: Lau is a Chinese noble, and friend to the Phantomhive household. He is also secretly a part of the Shanghai Mafia, and runs an opium den underground. Ran-Mao is his companion, and is often referred to as his sister, but not by blood. She is very faithful to Lau, and in certain cases she even fights for him. She rarely speaks, but I still find her more enjoyable then Lau. Lau I thought was very annoying. His conversation jumping was humorous, but at times he just seemed so stupid. Ran-Mao, on the other hand, I liked. Her part in the Hamlet OVA was very humorous.

Undertaker: A funeral director, and later revealed in the show, a retired grim reaper. He often helps Ciel with information if Ciel can make him laugh, which Sebastian normally does. He is especially weird, but funny. He enjoys messing with Ciel plenty, and taking books from the Grim Reaper Library and never retuning them, causing tons of conflict. But, I found him a very funny character.

Prince Soma and Agni: Prince Soma is an Indian prince, and Agni is his servant who sees Prince Soma as a god. After being sentenced to be hanged because of his greed, Prince Soma saves him and offers him a new life. He is given extra strength threw his devotion to Prince Soma as well. He also makes fantastic curry. When they first came into the show I thought, oh god. Not even more side characters that turn out to be just plain annoying. Until the very end of their air-time I did think that, but I finally saw them as a good humor towards the end.
Madame Red: She is Ciel’s aunt, and is later found out to be Jack the Ripper. She is initially known for her red hair and attire, which she at first hated, until Ciel’s father told her he liked it. She fell in love with him, and became distraught when he married Ciel’s mother, her sister. She then married Baron Barnett, who loved her even though he knew she loved another. Soon after, they were in a carriage accident, where her husband was killed and she was forced to have an abortion and lose her womb. She fell into a depression seeing many prostitutes come to her for abortions because she was a doctor. She felt that was wrong, so she teamed up with Grell Sutcliff to kill her patients, and became Jack the Ripper. While Ciel and Sebastian investigate the case they are forced to fight with Grell, and she is to kill Ciel, but cannot because she considers Ciel the son she never had. This angers Grell, causing him to kill her. You know I knew that lady was trouble from the moment I saw her. Anyone with that stupid of a haircut means trouble. But, I do find her story very sad, and do pity her.

Grell Sutcliff In Disguise: (I’m sorry, I couldn’t remember what fake name he used as Madam Red’s butler, and no one else seems to know it either, so I just put Grell in disguise.) Madam Red’s Butler, who often wishes to commit suicide because he feels he can never do anything right. Although, this is just a facade, seeing as how he is really the following character.

Grell Sutcliff: A death god, who helps Madam Red with her Jack the Ripper deeds. He has a huge crush on Sebastian and often follows him to be around him. He sometimes helps out in fights, but is not much of a big help after getting his chainsaw taken away. He gets it back when he battles Angela/Ash the first time though, so do not fret. Okay, at first, like many of the side characters, I thought that Grell would be annoying and a stupid addition, but Grell, oh Grell, you proved me wrong. Grell was a fantastic humor, and is especially goofy, and I can say any episode he is in, is a true joy to watch.

William T. Spears: A high-ranking death god, and also another one of Grell’s crushes. He is only shown a few times throughout the anime, normally when Grell is in need of punishment. He also hates demons so much, that he is disgusted by Sebastian. He is kind of boring, but when Grell is with him, the scene is guaranteed to be funny. I also know of a picture someone drew that describes their relationship perfectly. Click here for the picture.

Tanaka: Tanaka was the head butler before Ciel’s parents’ death, and Sebastian’s arrival. He almost never works, or even talks, but I still find his moments of air-time enjoyable. He is usually seen drinking from a cup, or on rare occasions, he actually provides some insight and knowledge to the rest of the characters. Overall I say Tanaka was probably another one of my favorite side-characters.

spam spam

sebby love kitten so much!

sebby imitidading face. hoho

aw, look look ciel smiling

tanaka again -,-

smile, smiling!

sebby shocked face

angry sebby. u make wanna eat u, u know ? hha

of course i love black butler because ciel face. ^^


and again

finny over-acting haha

jeez! it's so funny. ciel love u!

haha ciel hiding from elizabeth *wear red dress*
love this!
2 hours wrote this. fiuhh. my right hand *kretek kretek*

Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

me and my cousin

ilham, yep that his name.

me and mama went to opung house today. because today in opung house there was maulid nabi.
ilham and her mother came too.

busy busy busy
i bring my laptop and my modem :D so, i and ilham took a photo with webcam at cameroid.com
yeah why ? cause my webcam deleted :( huhuhu.
this's a photos

hahah ilham just like an alien

our tooth. kyaaa! BLACK!

haha the last pic it's so OMG!
oh yeah we've watch "I am a goofy goober ROCK!!"
haha ilham dancing so funny. oh ya he sang a chaiya chaiya song too.
ok i wanna pray now.
have a brother like him. well i'll so happy!

Senin, 06 Juni 2011


Se for seven eleven
Ga for gramedia

i just arrived at home.
but i wanna posting first :P

Bc. me, keke, jihan, tyara.

jihan planned, we went to the sevel (seven eleven) today.
but i, keke, and tyara went to school first.
so, i decided to go 1pm.

1pm jihan took me at bakso ojolali with taxi :D
on the way. we talked talked talked. many talked hoho.
we're going to jihan new house first.
we watched tv for a minute.
first. we walked and going with angkot :D because we want used busway.
and then :'( i always scared went i past the bridge and escalator too. hua hua. stupid stupid.
so went we're on the bridge i holded with tyara :D keke and jihan scared me. i'll revenge. haha!
oh ya! now keke used behel. haha because her tooth's. hahahahah *doyok*
it's not really bad.
and we're used busway. ngebut ngebut! hehe.
until at sevel. we're bought sluurpy. huuuh. tyara enak di beliin sama jihan. karena dia lupa minta uang sama mamanya -.-
we're going upstair sevel. we drank drank drank.
then we're going gramedia matraman.
i only bought black butler 7 comic, jihan bought novel.
we're finally out from gramedia.
hmmm keke and me bought bakpao, jihan bought otak-otak, tyara bought tahu gejrot. there's only Rp.5000 so cheapest
and we took a taxi again. going jihan house.
jihan haved beo bird it's so funny can talk. haha. i wanna have to...
in jihan bedroom.
we talked about boys, our boys friend, yearbook, teacher, school, and many mooooore.
ehm jihan bought snack, so many. we're ate ate ate.
hehe. FREE!
hmmm 5pm mom's jihan go home. she took hoka hoka bento. nyum nyum. free again.
but i don't spend my food because i'm too full, keke too.
after maghrib i, keke, tyara go home with jihan car.
but jihan not join with us.
the pics ?
sorry i don't take any pics on my handphone :( cause i don't took my memory :(
yeah there's handphone tyara and keke camera.
i'll ask for her pics. hmmh. maybe the pics catch up.

just katy perry E.T
uhhh katy perry really different look
went she founded a dead robot
ow ow what will she do ?
is she kiss a robot ?!
Woah! a robot changed be human! romantic.
u should be watch this video ;-)
be happy