Senin, 19 Maret 2012


Ohai !! ahh i'm so happy !! :D
yeah yeah. guess what ? one week got holiday ye ye !!
hm thats all cuz 12 grade is on UAS.
wish they could pass it :D
my big bro, abang i pray for u, always :*
but i hate too, the homeworks ? a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot. i feel my brains gonna melting wk wk. teachers -,-

as usual put my laptop on piano and sit on my chair. and now its 11.41 pm. i dont know why i always posting at midnight. ck ck. u know me, i can't sleep at 9 and a thousand years playing from my laptop. yeah that's christina perri's song's uhm breaking dawn soundtrack. i like the chorus, like this;
i have died everyday waiting for u
darling dont be afraid i have loved u
for a thousand years
i'll love u for a thousand more
how cheessy, huh ?
and safe and sound by taylor swift too. u know ? no ? u better search that in youtube i like the song too. its a the hunger games soundtrack. ahh i cant wait for that movie >,<

hm today i met ageng hehe. just went to find the sims 3 he he. and ate at ws. the food is yummy ^0^ especially a beef cheese potato :9 with mochaccino ehmm that much much more yummy and looked at ageng's haha :p oh ya btw about one week ago i watched "hugo" with ageng too. cool one. and yesterday i bought the princess and the frog dvd. ho ho thats what i do in holiday looking for some busy at night and do homeworks at day. now i wanna play my sims :p
btw, after a long long times i didn't got affected by biduran disease and the last days i affected ck ck it sooooooo tingle. and my body turn into red ck ck. but now that's all gone !! thanks ya allah. cuz my mum bought a cure ehm insidal i think.

its bahasa !!
anjoss banget ya. gila gila jadi ceritanya gue naro buku cetak fisika, kimia, biologi di kolong meja gue di sekolah gitu terus kan pas gara-gara anak kelas 12 TO jadi anak x4 pindah ke kelas x2 nah kelas x4 jadi di isi sama anak kelas x6 dan parah abis anjos !! buku gue itu ilang semua cuy. gimana ?! gimana ?! cara gue balikin ke perpus nanti ?! gyaa !! i'll get my book soon ! I WILL

sood sood i wanna play my sims now
oh ya, sorry i just posting cuz i'm so busy with school.
take care guys ^0^
quote of the day; without music, life would be a MISTAKE

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